The Fair Work Ombudsman recovered more than $532 million for 384,805 underpaid workers in 2021-22 – a record sum of back-paid wages and entitlements for a record number of employees.

The advice from the Fair Work Ombudsman is that all employers must prioritise putting in place systems and getting the advice they need to ensure they are paying workers their lawful entitlements. Those who are doing the wrong thing, including large corporates, are being found out – and they don’t hesitate to take enforcement action where appropriate.

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Due to the complexity of modern industrial obligations, payroll errors are frequently made. Most underpayments result from administrative error, a misunderstanding of the payments required in the Modern Awards, outdated contracts and payments and/or a shortcoming in the payroll system, rather than any deliberate attempt to underpay employees.

If you are concerned that there might be errors in your processes, Fresh HR Insights is here to help with our two options for a payroll audit.


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