Today, talks about artificial intelligence (AI) are everywhere. From cutting-edge industries to everyday applications ― it’s looking like this modern technology is in every segment of our business and private lives.

And human resources aren’t an exception.

AI advancements have influenced HR processes, enabling HR professionals to streamline work and enhance employee experiences. Let’s look at the top 4 ways to implement AI in HR and enhance your business.

Streamlining recruitment procedures

Recruitment is a crucial HR task, and AI is playing an increasingly significant role in this area, with numerous companies already leveraging it for finding and selecting job candidates. In fact, a remarkable 79% of companies successfully use AI in their recruitment and hiring processes.

So, how does AI in human resources support your recruitment procedures?

Some of the most notable ways are screening software and AI chatbots. Namely, unconscious bias during screening can be a significant issue in the recruiting process. Thus, you can program AI screening software to evaluate candidates solely based on qualifications, eliminating bias. When it comes to AI chatbots, you can use them to answer candidate queries and schedule interviews, allowing for streamlined processes.

Training insights and recommendations

The most effective training fits each employee’s needs. For instance, one of your employees may show interest (and talent!) in a certain area, but it may go under the radar if you don’t have comprehensive tracking tools. And missing such opportunities to support their growth can be detrimental. That’s where AI enters the picture.

AI platforms can analyze employees’ achievements and recommend specific training in accordance with their unique results. This ensures a customized approach, maximizing the effectiveness of training efforts. You can also use these platforms to identify employees who require additional training for their specific roles, ultimately contributing to the overall excellence of your teams.

Monitoring employees’ performance

AI is a valuable tool for improving team performance and boosting employee retention. By tracking employees’ performance and analyzing data like emails and work patterns, AI can detect signs of burnout or disengagement, enabling you to create a positive work environment that supports productivity and well-being.

Thus, by leveraging AI systems, HR teams gain valuable insights to address issues before they escalate proactively. You can take the guesswork out of the review process through comprehensive reports on each team member’s progress, ensuring a more objective and fair evaluation.

Automating repetitive and low-value tasks

Yes, we know automation is possible without AI. But, leveraging AI in HR takes it to a higher level. For example, it allows for smart automation of employee requests (e.g. for time off, training, etc.) without direct interaction with HR. Employees can submit requests into a system that checks for date availability, streamlining the process and making it more convenient for everyone involved.

So, AI in human resources can automate numerous tasks, enabling HR teams to prioritize core duties. With this shift, HR professionals can dedicate their time to improving company culture by focusing on mentoring and motivating employees. Moreover, having more time in their schedules allows them to be more creative in devising ideas and procedures to foster an engaging and thriving workplace environment.

Here are some AI platforms you can try for automating HR tasks:

  • Effy: An AI HR assistant that automates recruitment, onboarding, and employee engagement tasks through programmed interactions, saving you valuable time.
  • Olivia: A potent chatbot that automates hiring processes by answering inquiries, scheduling interviews, and ensuring seamless communication with candidates.
  • Leena: An AI-powered HR virtual assistant that automates analytics, providing you with timely and accurate insights, boosting productivity and efficiency in HR operations.

Achieving a data-driven yet compassionate AI in HR approach

All the discussed ways of implementing AI in HR processes can significantly enhance your HR operations, leading to better decision-making and more effective processes.

However, it’s essential to remember that AI can’t and shouldn’t entirely replace your HR. After all, we can’t abandon the “human” in human resources. Therefore, always make an effort to use AI in HR with empathy and understanding in mind. This is especially important when considering employees’ progress during challenging times, such as starting a new position or facing personal issues. 

Combining AI with human compassion ensures a well-rounded, supportive approach that, when combined with the right assistance, leads to successful HR management and consequently ― thriving business.

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