It’s true that there are workplace policies and procedures within a company’s employee handbook, however, they are not one and the same. Employee handbooks are also designed with a particular audience in mind whereas the policies and procedures manual is applicable company-wide.

What’s The Difference?

As mentioned, an employee handbook is written with employees as the intended audience. A handbook is a vehicle for getting employees of a workplace familiar with company policies, procedures, and benefits. This is also where workers can learn about general expectations that the company has which includes behaviour which is considered acceptable or not. This is also where disciplinary measures are covered.

Now, if we’re just talking about workplace policies and procedures, this often refers to a comprehensive manual that covers every aspect of the business policy in detail. This includes the procedures in place for following those policies and the relevant paperwork. This manual is used mainly by management in order to gauge a deeper understanding of a desired process. This text is helpful in many ways, one of which is how it references federal and state laws for each of the policies in place. This is helpful when enforcement is needed.

Employee Handbooks

A typical employee handbook consists of general information about the business, a welcome cover letter from the owner, CEO, or president, the company vision, mission, values, purpose, and broad strategic goals. Additionally, the company will typically include a reiteration of its commitment to employees and any agreements that are made in its name.

Attendance expectations defined exempt and nonexempt employment statuses, severe weather protocol, use of company property, and more still.

Lastly, another important inclusion in these handbooks is workplace bullying, Workplace Health and Safety, Family and Domestic Violence Policy, Leave, Unpaid Leave and one that has become very important in the current 2020 pandemic – is the Epidemic/Pandemic policy and procedure. Other important factors here include additional terms and conditions of employment, paid time off, and so on.

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