8 Reasons to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace

Employees are an important asset for every organisation and more than giving them a reasonable pay at the end of every month, every employer needs to put in place measures that will ensure that these employees are motivated to work and that and at the same time willing to give their best as far as the operations of the organisation are concerned.

This should be one of the items to be implemented by a small businesses who are looking at ways and means of increasing the productivity of the employees in their work place. Once this is achieved, the organisation will not only thrive but there will be a sense of fulfilment among all employees as a result of the success that will be realised.

Some small and medium business owners have put up such facilities as gyms, table tennis, among others for their employees to take some time off their busy schedules for recreation and keeping fit as well. These are Small business solutions that have seen most employees value their work and work toward ensuring the success of the establishments they work for every other time.

Beaches also serve as another avenue to hold such activities as ball games for employees and recreation activities in the parks within the vicinity of the office are a wonderful idea to boost the morale of employees as well as instill a positive attitude in each of them. The real essence of this is creating happier workplaces for all employees which might be lacking in most establishments today.

Parks and beaches have offered Gold Coast HR professional Fresh HR Insights a great option for organising outdoor activities for their staff, which sometimes are better compared to having such activities within a particular organisation’s premises. Though this option will still work, a venue outside the premises will be far much better. You may also look at engaging Personal Trainers for your teams for a before work, Lunchtime or Afterwork session. The team t Fresh HR Insights use Fitness Enhancement for individual weight training and Think Fit with Deb for Outdoor Group Training sessions.

This has everything to do with the mindset of individuals since being inside the office compound for recreation activities gives some employees the notion that this is still similar to being in the office and this is what these activities try to help such individuals break from. Once this is achieved, it helps individuals relax better which eventually results to increased output. Based on these facts, here are part of the reasons why fitness should be encouraged at the workplace;

  1. It promotes both physical and mental balance, responsible for maintaining a positive attitude I individuals.
  1. It helps release both physical and emotional tension that may affect output.
  1. It depicts an aspect of concern from the employer on the part of employees’ regading their well-being and builds loyalty of employees towards their employer.
  1. It promotes concentration of employees since they tend to be more alert after a fitness session.
  1. It promotes employee interrelationship, which is very important in every working environment.
  1. It helps reduce / deal with the pressure and stress from work or life as well.
  1. It allows individuals to relax the mind and body as a whole especially where it might be coupled with an occasional siesta for better output.
  1. It reduces chances of falling ill thereby lowering cases of absenteeism as well as medical expenditures.

Employers with offices that lack knowledge on how to implement this can outsource their workplace needs to HR professionals capable of offering training on how to do this to get started. Fresh HR Insights has a WEALTH of knowledge as well as a large circle of businesses that support and encourage workplace development.