Work can be boring sometimes. As a leader, why not make the mundane, routine work activities more fun? Using these 5 easy-to-implement team motivation ideas, you can make your team feel more inspired, contribute heartily and have fun while working!

How to Motivate Your Team At Workplace?

The workplace is not just a place where people work.

It comprises many diverse human beings with a unique set of skills, identities, and experiences. When you put them together in a team, you need to make an effort to bring out the best in them. Being a leader, you can motivate them to collaborate to generate newer work styles,  think more creatively, and innovate better than what a single individual ever could. An effective manager can bring out the best in them and help deliver successful team and organizational outcomes.

Wondering how to make it possible? Let me show you how to boost confidence and inspire your teams using these simple 5 team motivation ideas.

1.      Quit being diplomatic

Diplomacy is an art. But having it is not essential. Let your team members speak in a simple and straightforward manner and encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings. If they overthink about what others think or feel, their real views and ideas may not emerge. Create an open culture where they can say their true thoughts without being defensive about it, and you’ll soon see fresher and more innovative ideas emerge!

2.       Prioritize your people

Prioritizing your people is not just a tagline. Make it a reality by sticking with them through thick and thin. As a business owner, your employees are your first ever customers. They brought in to your vision, which is why they are with you today. Pay it back by defending and motivating each individual, and taking care of them like a close family. Have an employees first policy. (instead of customer first!)

3.      Let them be free

Giving responsibility when you assign a job task gives them the freedom to do their roles. Quit micro-managing and let them grow on their own. Once they get the autonomy along with their job roles, they’ll feel more resourceful, creative, and inspired!

4.      Allow them to make mistakes

Yes, you read that right! As a manager, let your team members fail in a safe environment. If they fear that they’ll fail at something, you’ll notice their creativity, innovativeness dying down. When this fear of failure goes away, creative ideas begin to emerge, and productivity inches up.

5.      Make it fun

Your team is full of humans, not robots. No one can even be mildly creative if they work in a monotonous or boring way. Add in a fun element so that your team wants to come to work. Ask them their definitions of fun and make it happen! Whether it is having a fun day out once a month or a game day at work, try to create a work culture that’s fun and inviting! Who wouldn’t want to go to work if they have such exciting events to look forward to each week or month!

Set up your team for success

Spend some time with your teams and ask them their idea of fun and then do it. Just by spending a couple of hours in planning and execution, you’ll quickly see how your team has fun, works together, and stays inspired together.

A strong team will then look after each other, lean on one another, and synergize their ideas into one harmonious group that’ll take your team to newer heights and be inspired every day.