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We all work harder when we are happy and when we feel that we’re really valued. The connection between appreciation and effort is primal – every business owner should realise that even the most humble employees want to know that you care about them. If you don’t then you are not making the most of your most valuable Asset – YOUR EMPLOYEES.

It does not need to be grand gestures, you don’t need to shower them with luxury gifts or announce to the entire world your appreciation – the more authentic and genuine you make it, the better it will be received
Employee recognition is not about driving the bottom line figure of your business – it is about workplace relationships – creating a culture that attracts, develops and maintain the best talent. Get it right and your business with thrive in 2016 success – get it wrong and expect a year of challenge’s.

Here are Fresh HR Insights 12 day’s of Christmas Recognition ideas for 2016 Success in Business

  • One: Leave a Little Memento – Appreciation does not need to be big – Printing out a formal certificate, pick up the persons favourite candy bar, cupcakes or coffee. Leave the gift on their desk with a sticky note singing your praises before they come in for the day.
  • Two: Gamify your Workplace – Like they do at schools – hand out five Gold Coins everyday. Employee’s can collect the coins to cash in for long lunches or gifts. You can even go as far as dog up a achievement badge to display on social Media sites or in the work place.
  • Three: Celebrate Achievements with a Hashtag – With social media being so much a part of everyday life – what better way to post a praise and hashtag it so that others can share. If the post is saying on your internal system make it quirky and specific to the employee
  • Four: Make the daily rounds – We have all heard the saying of the “Ivory Tower” where all the big bosses are – Its time to get out and onto the shop, factory, off or warehouse floor. Checking in with your employees at least once during the day is a great way to show you care about what they do. It is also a great time to say THANKS and compliment on specific performance.
  • Five: Introduce an Employee Recognition Bragging trophy – This visual bragging trophy can be passed from employee to employee at the end of each day or the end of each week. Just be consistant and have objective reasons for why each person get’s it – It is not a tool to show favouritism.
  • Six – Start a Random Notes of Praise Box – Set up simple recognition box and put some index cards, then let your employees go wild. Ask then to write a brief, anonymous note and drop it in the box when they see a co-worker do something praiseworthy. At the end of the day or week get together and read the random notes.
  • Seven – Do a daily Recognition Wrap – At the end of the day get everyone together and go around the room and ask everyone to give a shout out to someone who went above and beyond at work that day. Be creative and be unique
  • Eight – Send Praise Mail – Send personalised notes or emails – the great thing here is that they know it is from you – these dont need to be fancy or worthy of publication, they just need to communicate that you care
  • Nine – Put the leader at the Helm of Daily recognition – Get you top leaders to send emails of appreciation or stop by your department, shop, factory or division to praise the employee or the whole team. Encourage them to develop mentorship with promising employees.
  • Ten: Send thank you notes to employees who work long hours. This method may be even more effective if you send thank you notes to employees’ home addresses. This acknowledges that you understand how much home-time the employee sacrificed to complete that complicated project.
  • Eleven: Allow employees to select their next assignments. If you can allow employees to choose their work, they will be more engaged and dedicated. (Everyone loves to have choices, right?)
  • Twelve: Birthday celebration: Allow employees to use a floating holiday for their birthday. They deserve a day off!


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