High-income threshold increase

  • The high-income threshold for unfair dismissal applications rises from $158,500 to $162,000,

Maximum Compensation for Unfair dismissal

  • The maximum compensation increases from $79,250 to $81,000 for post-July 1 dismissal claims.

The threshold under the Act’s s382(b)(iii) excludes employees not covered by an award or agreement from making an unfair dismissal claim if they earn more than the amount prescribed in Regulation 2.13 of the Fair Work Regulations 2009. Section 392(5)(b) provides for maximum compensation for unfair dismissal of half the amount of the high-income threshold.

Filing Fee for Unfair Dismissal claims

Wage Increases July 2022

  • The 5.2% increase in the national minimum wage and a boost of at least 4.6% to all award rates also takes effect on Friday (see Related Article).
  • Workers under 10 awards will have to wait till October 1 for their increases, after the panel accepted the aviation, tourism and hospitality sectors had not yet fully recovered from the pandemic’s economic effects.
  • The new weekly minimum wage will be $812.60 a week or $21.38 an hour.